Jets DB Darryl Roberts Went Off On ‘Fake Ass Fans,’ Telling Them To ‘Go Like Another Team,’ Fans Fire Back

Jets Darryl Roberts Rips Fake Ass Fans Says Go Like Another Team

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Following the New York Jets moving into first place for the right to pick number one in the 2020 NFL Draft with a sizzling 26-18 loss to the previously winless Miami Dolphins, defensive back Daryl Roberts went off on the team’s fans in the kind of rant we haven’t seen since former Chicago Cubs manager Lee Elia went on a legendary tirade about his team’s fans back in 1983.

No one will obviously ever top that rant by Elia, but Roberts came pretty close, writing on social media, “I’m sorry but it gotta be said! All y’all fake ass fans f**kin kill me wit dat negative s**t, if u gon rock wit us then rock wit us but if u ain’t shut tf up please & go like another team! And another thing y’all need to stop @’n players talkin crazy becaus y’all known dam well you wouldn’t buss a dam grape in a fruit fight! Ok i’m done have a nice day!”

Mind you, the Jets are now 2-16 over their last 18 games and are doing things like this…

And this…

Roberts later attempted to clarify on Twitter that he was only talking about the “non-loyal” Jets fans, as if such a thing actually exists.

That was too little, too late for many Jets fans, both loyal and fake, who quickly fired back at Roberts, who ranks 65th among cornerbacks in Pro Football Focus’ ratings, according to
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