NFL World In Panic Mode Realizing How Many Primetime Games The Jets (And Zach Wilson) Have

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The likely-season-ending injury to future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers obviously has many implications, from the actual NFL season, to betting markets, to the well-being of Jets fans.

But one aspect that is going to affect all football fans is the fact that, as a result of the Rodgers-driven hype that Gang Green had heading into the 2023 season, the Jets were scheduled to feature in a bevy of primetime games.

To be specific, after their categorically disastrous, curse-affirming Week 1 Monday Night Football matchup, the Jets are still scheduled to make another FIVE primetime appearances this season.

Other than announcing that Rodgers is out for the rest of the game, the Jets have yet to confirm the extent of his injury. According to some doctors on Twitter, Rodgers likely has either a high ankle sprain or an Achilles tear, with the latter seeming like the more likely. Some fans are now wondering how Rodgers will rehab said injury given his recent resistance to modern medicine.

The way Rodgers’ career with the Jets has unfolded thus far is almost Shakespearean, as he spent virtually the entire offseason talking about how his time with the Jets has been a “dream”, only to then (likely) seriously injure himself before even completing a single pass as the team’s starting quarterback.

Similarly, the injury is obviously a cruel blow for the Jets and their fans, who are currently suffering through the longest postseason drought in the National Football League, as they haven’t qualified for the playoffs since the Rex Ryan-coached season of 2010.

Heading into the 2023-24 campaign, the Jets were not only expected to make the playoffs but were also a betting favorite to compete for a Super Bowl title, as only the Chiefs, Eagles, Bills, 49ers, Bengals, and Cowboys had shorter odds than they did prior to Week 1.

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