The Jets New Protector Mekhi Becton May Have The Most Impressive Highlight Tape I Have Ever Seen

mekhi becton jets

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I think I speak for 90% of Jets fan when I say that wide receiver is beyond a need for the organization right now, it is an absolute must. Having said that, with the 11th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft the New York Jets did what the New York Jets do best, leave their fans speechless. It’s usually for all the wrong reasons, but then ESPN showed the highlight tape of their new offensive lineman Mekhi Becton out of Louisville.

If you want to see a big fella just hunting for bodies, and completely moving them out of the way, get a look at this footage. At 364 pounds Becton ran a 5.4 40-yard dash making him the heaviest player to ever run a sub 5.4. I mean this guy is meeting people in the trenches and simply just blowing their shit up.

For me, I forgot wide receivers even existed and forgot all about the Jets dying need for one after seeing this tape. Jets QB Sam Darnold may never need to wash his jersey again if he decides to be smart and hang in the left side of the pocket where Becton will be positioned. Weight seems to be a level of concern for Becton, not because he loves a good porterhouse steak, but because his mom is a professional caterer of soul food. And we all know, nothing packs on the lb’s and has you coming back for more quite like a good soul food meal.

We shouldn’t expect to see the Jets in the playoffs anytime soon, but watching Becton clear a d lineman out of the way for Le’Veon Bell and Darnold is going to be worth the price of admission for me. One hell of a pick that nobody saw coming, let’s do it Jets.