The Jets Will Undoubtedly Make The Wrong Choice When It Comes To Their QB Pursuit

derek carr and aaron rodgers

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If you’ve tuned into ESPN at literally any moment of the day this week, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the New York Jets are the hottest free-agent destination in the NFL, at least when it comes to the quarterback position.

After recently meeting with free agent and former Las Vegas Raiders signal-caller Derek Carr, ESPN is running with a narrative that the Jets must make a “choice” between Carr and darkness retreat enthusiast Aaron Rodgers.

This, however, ignores multiple staples of reality, the first of which is that the Jets would ever have a “choice” between two elite quarterback talents, especially one that’s headed to the Hall of Fame. The second mountain of ignorance standing in the way of the Jets QB dreams becoming a reality is, of course, the fact that they’re the Jets.

If Derek Carr — a 31-year-old who never *really* had a great team around him yet has shown the ability to win games either way — is interested in signing with the Jets, then that should be their immediate priority. If you plug that quarterback into last season’s squad, they definitely make the playoffs.

Can the same be said about the 39-year-old Aaron Rodgers, who had the worst season of his career last year and is clearly developing interests not only outside of football but outside of spacetime entirely? This is a man delving deep into the realms of ayahuasca teas and sensory deprivation tanks — it’s only a matter of time until he protests a delay-of-game penalty because he believes that time is simply a construct.

And we’re supposed to believe the Jets are going to let the bird in the hand (allegedly, potentially) walk away for this guy? Actually, yes, because that’s what the Jets do: they make bad decisions. And that’s why Rodgers will ultimately end up in New York: he’s the perfectly wrong decision at the right time.

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