Aaron Rodgers Will Probably Go To The Jets Just So More People Have To Listen To Him Talk

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers loves to talk. It’s why he won’t shut up about his upcoming darkness retreat, which sort of seems antithetical to the whole idea of the retreat in the first place.

It’s why he goes on The Pat McAfee Show every single week, largely without interruption or failure. In-season or off-season. Following a win, loss, or draw. He probably isn’t making a cent off his appearances, either, he’s just doing it because he has things he wants to say and wants everyone else to hear them.

And, honestly, that’s fine. Not only is it fine, but it’s literally Rodgers’ primary right as an American citizen. If he’s given him the platform to speak and wants to do so, then of course he’s going to use it. Freedom of Speech 101 — no issues there. Speak your truth, Aaron.

Which is why, ultimately, he and the New York Jets deserve each other. Aaron Rodgers is no longer serious about playing football. It’s why he’s been stringing the Packers along for the last 18 months. Guess what? The Jets have *never* been serious about playing football! Aaron Rodgers loves to talk. You know which sports market in the United States is famous for its endless media coverage. The Big Apple, that’s where. He can call into the local radio shows on his commute, stop by Stephen A. and First Take around breakfast and still make his way onto McAfee’s show by the afternoon.

The Jets are, have been, and always will be a circus, so who is currently better suited to be its ringleader than the guy who worked a Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy into a conversation about UFO conspiracies which are apparently covering up a train crash conspiracy? This is, after all, the team that’s been home to the outspoken likes of Broadway Joe and Keyshawn Johnson and Rex Ryan — it’s in their DNA.

As Rust Cohle — the infamous True Detective character that Rodgers is both increasingly looking and acting like — once opined, time is a flat circle: the Jets have traded for an aging, perpetually-distracting, often controversial Green Bay Packers quarterback before, why not do it again? Not only do the Jets and Rodgers deserve each other, but NFL fans deserve the show.

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