Tom Brady Defends Aaron Rodgers’ Darkness Retreat, Discusses What Aaron Means To The League

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady

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There are only three athletes in NFL history who have played more seasons than Tom Brady and all three of them are kickers (Blanda, Andersen, and Vinatieri). And Tom can speak to the unique challenges of the offseason as well as anyone.

When it went public ahead of Super Bowl week that Aaron Rodgers was going to spend multiple days in a Darkness Retreat he got roasted good and hard by the NFL public. 99.99% of the living, breathing population had never even heard of a ‘darkness retreat’.

According to Tom Brady, however, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Tom Brady discussed Aaron Rodgers’ darkness retreat on his latest episode of the Let’s Go! podcast. Brady also made mention of what Aaron means to the league.

Tom said “Everyone has their different processes they go through. I think we all need to get away from the TV a little bit more. I think we all need a little more nature and a little more silence and a little more peace. Everybody has their unique way to process the season.

Aaron Rodgers is 39-years-old and counting. His years in the NFL are numbered. But Brady isn’t ready to see Rodgers hang up his pads just yet.

Tom said “I hope he doesn’t retire because like I said, I think the league needs good quarterbacks and he’s one of the greats. So if he retires it’ll be a sad day for the league. He’s an incredible player.

You can stream the full episode of Tom Brady’s Let’s Go podcast here. They start the first half by talking mostly about the Super Bowl and Brady (obviously) has some keen insight to everything:

Patriots Insider Says Brady Won’t Retire With New England

Shortly after Robert Kraft’s desperate comments about wanting Brady to come back for 1-day, a Patriots insider suggested that isn’t going to happen. NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran spoke about it on WEEI, saying

“The Patriots had multiple years in which Brady all but crawled on his hands and knees to the door of Robert Kraft and said, ‘Please, sign me. I don’t want to move from this house in Chestnut Hill. I don’t want to uproot my family. I want to finish here as a New England Patriot.'”

“He had no idea what laid over those hills in a place like Tampa Bay, and the chalice of celebrity and branding he could drink from. He wanted to stay here. They didn’t let him do it. Do you think he’s going to want to sign now for a photo op, so someone can leverage him after they passed on every opportunity, and made him uproot? I don’t.”

Brady could still enter the NFL Hall of Fame with the Patriots. It’s common for NFL players to be enshrined with the team they spent the most significant portion of their career with.

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