Jeweler Accuses Saints DB Chauncey Gardner-Johnson Of Stealing $25k Watch, Threatens To Expose The NFL Player’s Dirty Laundry In Retaliation

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Saints defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson might want to check his Instagram messages because he’s currently being accused of being a thief by a famous jeweler.

On Monday night, Suny The Jeweler accused the former Florida Gators safety, who recently signed a 4 year, $3,304,100 contract with the New Orleans Saints, of stealing a $25k watch from him.

In several Instagram story posts, the jeweler accuses the Saints DB of stealing the watch and then attempting to get away with the crime by blocking him on Instagram.

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Sports Gossip

Sports Gossip

The jeweler wasn’t happy when he learned about how much Gardner-Johnson earns per year in the NFL.

Suny The Jeweler

Suny went on to claim that Gardner-Johnson’s ex had shared some secrets with him and that he’s ready to expose them if he doesn’t get paid what he’s owed.

Sports Gossip

If what Suny is saying is true then Gardner-Johnson might want to pay before things get really ugly.

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