Jim Harbaugh Gives A Painfully Jim Harbaugh Answer When Asked What He’d Do If He Wasn’t A Coach

Jim Harbaugh at the Michigan spring game.

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University of Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh gave the most unsurprising answer to a fun offseason question. That reply has led to a hilarious response from fans online.

It seems the Wolverines leader can’t help but play into the “dad” persona.

Whether that means checking the family passports at the airport before a big trip, working out on vacation while decked out in khaki pants, or leading the Michigan football team on a history tour up the East Coast, he’s sure to deliver on that classic stereotype.

That was never more true than in a recent interview with college football writer Pat Forde.

Harbaugh was asked what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a famous college football coach. His response? A lawnsman.

“Mowing the lawn is one of the great feelings I have in life,” he said, before going into great detail about what makes cutting his grass so enjoyable.

“It accomplishes three things,” Harbaugh says. “I’m clearing my mind or thinking of new plays; I feel good about what I accomplish; and I either make money or I save money.”

Can’t argue with that.

Fans were quick to respond to the comments as they posted reactions on social media.

One person said, “He’s got to be the among the richest Americans who mow their own lawns.”

Someone else wrote, “He’s got a point. Yardwork/housework can be pretty dang peaceful.”

This follower wholeheartedly agreed, posting, “I’m with Coach. The satisfaction of seeing your labor complete is very fulfilling.”

Jim Harbaugh is hoping to see a different fulfillment this fall after putting in the hard work on the gridiron this offseason. The Michigan Wolverines will enter the 2023 season with lofty expectations, and a probable top five ranking.

After winning 25 games over the last two years and making back-to-back College Football Playoff appearances, Harbaugh now looks to lead his team to a national title.