Jimmy Butler Bought A 6,000 Pound Fish Tank Shaped Like A Boombox Because Max Deals Are Fun

Bulls guard Jimmy Butler signed a 5-year, $95 million max deal over the summer. With such an overwhelming, immediate boost in his paycheck, what better way to spend that excess cash than by purchasing a 6,000 pound fish tank shaped like a boombox?

The uniquely crafted tank features 50 fish as a nod to the Bulls’ 50th anniversary, with one of them of course being a Jordan’s Tuskfish. But the best part of this meaningful purchase might be that it’s the very first thing you see when you walk into Butler’s house. You would think something like this would be part of an exotic home theater or sit as a prominent accent in a lavish game room, but nope — it’s right in your face as your walk through the door.

Incredible tone-setter.

Jimmy Butler fish tank

Butler stated the following during the dramatic unveiling:

“I wish I could put on my shoulder and walk around with it.”

We all do, Jimmy. We all do. It’s just too bad Radio Rahim couldn’t be around to witness such a masterpiece.

Some people buy a bunch of candles to “put out the vibe” and create that special kind of ambiance. Jimmy Butler simply buys the ocean.

Note: If Brother Jimmy’s hasn’t already started thinking about adding a special “Jimmy Butler Fish Bowl” to serve as a rival to its storied Swamp Water, they’re not paying close enough attention to the news.

[h/t Bleacher Report]

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