Jimmy Garoppolo Tells Great Story About The First Time He Met Tom Brady

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No matter where he goes or what team he plays for, Jimmy Garoppolo will always be linked to Tom Brady.

When he first entered the league and showed great promise as a starting quarterback at the beginning of the 2016 season, many assumed he was the heir apparent to TB12 in New England.

After all, Tom Brady was 38-years-old and coming off a four-game suspension for Deflategate. How much longer would he continue to play and still be effective? Little did we all know…

So, during his introductory press conference with the Las Vegas Raiders, the topic of Tom Brady came up. More than once.

“In your 49ers opening presser when I asked you the single most important thing that you learn playing behind Tom Brady, you cited work ethic,” a reporter asked Jimmy G. “Fast forward to today, now being the starter in San Francisco over the past six years, what is the single most important thing that you learned being the starter there?”

“Work ethic’s probably still up there,” Jimmy Garoppolo replied. “It’s preparation or work ethic, I think. Those two things, NFL is a hard place, you know, a lot of talent, everyone’s fast, everyone can throw, all these things, but I think those two things will really set you apart and your mindset too. It’s not easy to win games in this league, but if you’ve got those little things going for you, you got a chance.”

Later in the press conference, once again, the topic of Tom Brady came up.

“Jimmy, can you talk about the first ever interaction that you can remember having with Josh McDaniels and what it was like getting to know him to kind of what he’s like now as a coach?” Jimmy Garoppolo was asked.

“Yeah, we actually had a funny first interaction,” Jimmy replied. “So it was the Combine process. You go on your one day visit to a team and I was meeting with Josh. He was running me through the offense on the board and I don’t know if it was planned, but I swear he planned it, Tom Brady walked in.

“And I thought it was to throw me off a little bit because, you know, I had never met him before, and a little starstruck. But yeah, he walked out, and Josh kept going with the teaching and that was our first interaction.”

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