Jimmy Garoppolo’s Market Is Going To Be ‘Costly’, More Information Revealed On How Teams View Him

Jimmy Garoppolo

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

One of the most talked-about names in NFL free-agency is going to be 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo, new details emerged regarding his status in the NFL as we approach March.

Talking to teams around the league, ESPN reporter Jeremy Fowler says that Garoppolo is highly sought after and is expected to be number three in the target pecking order after Aaron Rodgers and Derek Carr.

However, his market is going to be costly, as he is seeking a contract that measures up to his skill-set and ability.

Expectations for Garoppolo’s Market

Garoppolo has been a solid quarterback throughout his career, but his injury history has raised some concerns among teams. Nevertheless, several teams appear to be interested in his services, and his market is expected to be highly competitive. Garoppolo’s market value is likely to be influenced by a number of factors, including his previous performance, injury history, and demand from other teams.

Pecking Order

According to the report, Garoppolo is expected to be the third most sought-after quarterback in free agency after Packers Aaron Rodgers and free-agent Derek Carr. Rodgers and Carr are established quarterbacks with impressive records, and Garoppolo’s position behind them speaks to the high level of competition for his services.

Garoppolo’s potential as a quarterback and his previous performance make him an attractive target for teams looking to upgrade their quarterback position.

Garoppolo’s Contract Demands

Garoppolo’s desire for a contract that measures up to his skill-set and ability is not surprising given his reputation as a solid quarterback. However, his injury history may give some teams pause, as they will want to ensure that they are making a smart investment in their quarterback position. Garoppolo’s contract demands will likely be influenced by a number of factors, including his market value and the level of interest from other teams.

In conclusion, Jimmy Garoppolo will be one of the most talked-about quarterbacks in this year’s NFL free agency market.