Jimmy Graham Reportedly Hit By Car While Training To Sail Around The World

Jimmy Graham

Getty Image / Wesley Hitt

Jimmy Graham technically hasn’t announced his retirement from the NFL.

However, he seems preoccupied with a few things outside of football that suggest his career might be done.

In fact, the former NFL star is in the middle of training to sail around the world. But things turned south when he reportedly got struck by a car while training.

Luckily, Graham is okay and didn’t suffer anything too serious, per AJ Hawk on The Pat McAfee Show.

According to Hawk, Jimmy Graham was riding a bike, preparing for his trip to sail around the world when a car accidentally struck him on the road.

Listen to Hawk just nonchalantly drop this news bomb on the McAfee crew.

That’s a pretty crazy scenario for Graham to be in. We’re just glad Graham is okay, as it sounds like he’ll be back in action sooner, rather than later.

But how about AJ Hawk casually dropping this news about Jimmy Graham getting hit by a car? Even Pat McAfee himself had to call the studio to ask Hawk to elaborate more about the situation.

However, it turns out that Jimmy Graham might be the most interesting man in the world. Listen to this clip and you’ll be pleasantly surprised about the other things Graham does on his off time.

So the guy flies planes and helicopters? On top of being a pro cyclist and skydiver? All while training to sail around the world?

And it just keeps going. Here’s AJ Hawk revealing that Jimmy Graham also races cars professionally as well.

Why play football when you have all of this other stuff going on?

But hey, we’re just glad Graham is okay from that car accident. It clearly didn’t shake him up as he’s hopping back on the bike almost right away.

Hopefully, Jimmy Graham films his experience sailing around the world. That could be an incredibly interesting documentary to watch one day.

With that said, keep an eye out for updates regarding the former NFL star, as he is apparently busy doing all of the fun things in life.