Jimmy Kimmel’s “Gregg Puppetvich” Sketch Certainly Said Something About the State of Gregg Popovich’s Face


Jimmy Kimmel’s NBA Finals pregame show last night featured a character billed as Gregg Puppetvich. It was deeply disturbing.

The character’s face looked more like the surface of the moon after a powerful meteor shower than the actual mug of the San Antonio Spurs coach he was based on.

This thing looks like it belongs in Genesis’ Land of Confusion music video. What’s video you ask? This video.

If you were lucky enough not to see it, let me be the first to congratulate you on a night free of nightmares. If you weren’t so fortunate, know you were in very good company.

I’m not sure how Pop feels about this type of commentary about his face, but it’s probably not his biggest concern right now.