JJ Watt Goes To Bat For Will Levis, Blasts NFL Media Over Recent Reports

JJ Watt

Getty Image / Mike Lawrie

Team’s across the NFL are beginning early OTA’s, giving the rookies a chance to get their feet wet and adjust to the professional level.

Recently, the Tennessee Titans hit the news cycle after it was reported that rookie quarterback Will Levis struggled on his first day.

It led to some concerns from the fanbase. But it also caught the attention of future Hall of Famer JJ Watt.

Watt didn’t like the initial reports and even went to bat for the Titans’ rookie.

According to the New York Post, JJ Watt blasted the media for their story about Will Levis. The former superstar defensive end points out that it’s normal for rookies to struggle. Especially in the very beginning of their career.

Here’s what he had to say.

“Rookie has rough practice in his first week of OTAs. Yeah, that’s called being a rookie. It’s called first week of OTAs.”

Watt contineud by claiming everybody has rough days. Even veterans. “I had rough practices every single year in my 12 years. I’ve had rough games. I’ve had multiple rough games. S–t’s hard. It’s the National Football League.”

The New York Post also reports that Watt never directly named Levis while calling out the media. However, “the timing of the post would suggest that was the source of his frustration.”

It’s nice to see a former player defend the rookie class like this though. These guys have enough on their plate trying to adjust to the professional level.

Rookies have to go through growing pains. It’s that way in pretty much every aspect of life. As long as these rookies learn from their mistakes, they can improve their chances of finding success.

With that said, look for Will Levis and the rest of the rookie class to remain under the spotlight.