JJ Watt’s Latest Social Media Post has Texans Fans Buzzing

JJ Watt

Getty Image / Jamie Sabau

JJ Watt announced his retirement right before the end of the regular season. However, he created some buzz for the Houston Texans on Monday.

It’s not likely he returns to Houston and if he does it’ll likely be a one-day contract so he can retire a Texan. Instead, fans offer a different theory.

JJ Watt shared this image of him and Demeco Ryans when they were both playing together in Houston. He doesn’t provide any context whatsoever. So, it’s left up for interpretation. Even so, Texans fans believe the message is clear as day.

It was recently reported that the organization was heavily interested in hiring Ryans as its next head coach. He’s been a phenomenal defensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers and has drawn head coaching interest from the Denver Broncos as well. However, JJ Watt makes it seem like Demeco Ryans might be signing a deal with the Texans.

The fanbase is clearly ready for some good news.

It seems to be the case, Jackson.

Technically the news isn’t official. But didn’t JJ Watt do this back when the Texans signed Tyrann Mathieu?

It’s hard to imagine, but some fans are hopeful Watt returns as a member of the coaching staff.

For now, nothing is official yet, but Texans fans have a reason to be excited with this post. Maybe JJ Watt knows something nobody else does yet? Either way, keep an eye out for news to break soon regarding Demeco Ryans as he’s one of the top available coaching candidates.