L.A. Dodgers Star Joc Pederson Was Either Thirsty Or Legit Pissed For Not Getting Invited To A Taylor Swift Concert

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Still just 23 years old, L.A Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson sure has accomplished a shit ton in his short time in the majors.

In his first, full season with the club, Young Joc made an All-Star team this year and is one of the best young hitters in the game, so you would think that, with such the great year he has had, there would be little to complain about.

Not so much.

Following a trip to D.C. to play the Washington Nationals earlier this month, turns out Pederson feels like he got jocked around by pop sensation/sex pod Taylor Swift, who was holding her concert in the very same ballpark that the Nats play in—obviously, not at the same time.

Now, that probably is a weird request, right? I mean, would Tay-Tay really invite an athlete to her show, maybe even making a stage appearance? Why, yes, she abso-fucking-lutely would, as she has done so with a handful of athletes during her 1989 World Tour.

Knowing that, Pederson told MLB Cut4 about his heat on T-Swift:

I’m just kind of jealous she put on that good of a concert and didn’t invite us…If she’s gonna blow the lights out, she should invite us.

With the power going out during Swift’s show in D.C., causing her to get stuck up on her retractable stage, Pederson must feel like that’s a little bit of karma coming back to bite the singer in the ass for nixing him on some tickets.


Then again, this is also the same dude who is known to race his teammates in from the outfield like little kids competing for the last slice of pizza, while also talking about his all-time favorite cereals, so maybe it’s just a 23-year-old thing?

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