Game Worn Jersey From Iconic Super Bowl Breaks Previous Auction Record Held By Tom Brady

Joe Montana throws a pass in Super Bowl XXIII.

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A game-worn jersey donned in a pair of Super Bowls has set the record for price paid at a recent auction. Joe Montana’s No. 16 jersey, worn in both Super Bowl XIX and Super Bowl XXIII, has sold for over $1.2 million.

That blew the previous mark out the window, more than doubling the price of a Tom Brady top from 2021.

Brady’s jersey sold for $480K in January of 2022. That uniform item was worn in the Bucs’ most recent Super Bowl win over the Chiefs. Now, though, there’s a new leader in the clubhouse.

Montana’s item was worn in two different Super Bowl matchups, both of which resulted in wins for the 49ers. The fact that it was donned in two of the NFL’s biggest games certainly adds value.

Montana’s wife is the reason for that. After winning Super Bowl XIX in blowout fashion over the Dolphins, she actually packed the jersey in her husband’s bag ahead of Super Bowl XXIII with a note that read, “Maybe you’ll want to wear it again.”

But making it even more valuable is the fact that it was worn in one of the most iconic Super Bowl games in NFL history.

Super Bowl XXIII saw Montana lead “The Drive” against the Bengals in a 20-16 victory. The passer led his team 92 yards on the final possession, resulting in a game-winning touchdown pass.

I guess it was good luck.

At auction, the Joe Montana jersey sold for $1.212 million to shatter the previous record.

Joe Montana also now holds the second highest priced jersey sold, as another of his Super Bowl uniforms went for $720K on the same day.

Montana opened up a bit about the sales in an interview with Ken Goldin.


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It will be interesting to see if a Tom Brady jersey can break Joe Montana’s new mark at some point down the road.