Joe Nathan Wasn’t Too Happy About Being Booed, Let Tigers Fans Know


Veteran closer Joe Nathan has been anything but sturdy this year for the Detroit Tigers. He currently sports a bloated 5.11 ERA and has blown seven saves. His season-long struggles have made every appearance a white-knuckle affair for fans.

Last night was no different, as Nathan walked the first two Pittsburgh Pirates he faced while trying to close out a four-run game. Those gathered at Comerica Park began to boo him, but were relieved when he righted the ship to get the final outs.

Nathan then appeared to deliver a message to the boo birds with a couple of old-fashioned chin flicks.

//’s, like, the polite way to flick someone off. Reporters seemed to miss the gestures in real time, so Nathan was not asked to comment after the game. That will probably change this afternoon.

It’s hard to see any ambiguity here, especially since there were multiple offending movies. 

This really isn’t the best way to win over a wavering fan base. 


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