Joe Theismann Wasn’t A Fan Of Dwayne Haskins Taking Selfies With Redskins Fans During Game

dwayne haskins selfie during game

Getty Image / Scott Taetsch

Dwayne Haskins just couldn’t help himself from causing some sort of drama during the Redskins’ first win in six weeks on Sunday.

The rookie quarterback’s stat line of 153 yards, no touchdowns and one interception may not be a good one, but at the end of the day, he did get the job done earning his first career win in the NFL.

To say he was excited would be an understatement seeing as how he missed the final play of the game because he was too busy taking selfies with fans. That’s correct, Washington had to throw Case Keenum on the field to take a knee because Haskins didn’t know the game wasn’t over.

Talk about the ultimate stereotypical 2019 sports moment. A first-round draft pick quarterback isn’t worried about running out the clock, instead he wants to make sure he pops up on a few fan’s Instagram feeds.

Well, Redskins legend and Super Bowl champion quarterback Joe Theismann didn’t like the fact Haskins wasn’t out on the field to take the final snap.

Theismann is right. While it may not have affected the game whatsoever seeing as how there was one second left in the game, it’s just a terrible look for Haskins. Even with the win over the lowly Lions the Redskins are still one of a couple laughing stock teams in the NFL and Haskins taking selfies certainly didn’t help the cause.

After the game, interim head coach Bill Calahan literally said they couldn’t find Haskins for the final play. Funny that they didn’t think to look in the stands to find their quarterback, what were they thinking?