The Guy Who Enjoys Powerbombing His Girl Into Pools Just Got His Ass Handed To Him By A WWE Hall Of Famer

by 4 years ago
Madusa Powerbombs Joe Weller

Heyman Hustle

Joe Weller got his fifteen minutes of fame last month after spending the afternoon powerbombing, piledriving and suplexing his girlfriend into a swimming went viral for the world to enjoy. Hell, even the outtakes were popular.

The world took notice of Joe’s treatment of his girlfriend. One person who paid particular attention was Paul Heyman. He wasn’t too happy about Joe F5ing his girlfriend into the pool. He didn’t care about the girl’s safety, he just didn’t want Joe using the signature move of his client BROOOCKK LESSNNNAR.

Lesnar was available to set Joe straight about cribbing his move so Paul enlisted the services of another WWE star — the recently inducted into the Hall Of Fame, Madusa.

Madusa made quick work of Joe. Actually, that’s putting it nicely. Madusa made Joe her bitch.

[via Heyman Hustle]

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