Joel Embiid Perfectly Trolled LeBron James On Twitter After The 76ers Beat The Cavs

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The Philadelphia 76ers might be the laughingstock of the NBA, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pull off a surprise every now and then. Like last night. With the Cavs and LeBron James in South Philly, the Sixers beat Cleveland Cavaliers for their first home win since April 14 of last year. That’s a pretty embarrassing loss for LeBron and the gang, but it didn’t stop rookie center Joel Embiid from trolling him hard on Twitter, reminding him that he should have come to Philly when Embiid invited him to town over the summer.

Here’s what Embiid tweeted Bron back in July:

And then last night, here’s how Embiid publicly rubbed salt in the wounds:

Joel Embiid is a goddamn national treasure. Philly’s lucky to have him, warts (…that 5-28 record) and all.

[H/T: Dime Magazine]