Joey Bosa Says He Might Tackle Roger Goodell At The NFL Draft, Wants To Be Better Than J.J. Watt

Tomorrow’s NFL Draft is the biggest day in Joey Bosa’s life. Projected to be a top-5 pick, the massive defensive end out of Ohio State is so talented that some are even considering him to be the next J.J. Watt—who just so happens to have three NFL Defensive Player of the Year Awards on his mantel at home.

With such high expectations and acclaim as one of the best college football players in the country over the past few years, how does Bosa think he’ll fair once he lives out his dream of playing in the NFL? As you might expect, with confidence.

After inking his first endorsement deal with nutritional supplement company MET-Rx to help endorse their new “Love the Monster” campaign, Bosa sat down with me to talk everything from nerves before the draft, dreading rookie initiation and what he may do to Roger Goodell after he hears his name called on Thursday night.

BroBible: So, Joey, you all ready for the draft on Thursday night? Has the reality set in yet?

Joey Bosa: “Man, you know, not really, its been a long process and a lot of years leading up to this moment. I don’t think I’ll really get a sense that it’s happening till I actually get drafted.”

BB: What has the whole pre-draft process been like for you?

JB: “The second I got back from the season, I started combine training—which is completely different shape than football-playing shape. And then right when the combine ended, I was just getting ready for (Ohio State’s) Pro Day. When that was over, the interview process started, where I traveled around the country and met with seven teams, which is hard because it’s tough to get training in when all of that is going on.”

BB: Are you nervous about where you might go or when you’ll be selected?

JB: “I’m not really nervous; I think anywhere I go will be a good place for me. There are a bunch of different places that I’d like to end up at, so whether it’s one place or another, I’m going to get the opportunity to play football, so that’s really what I’m excited for.”

BB: I know you just inked a deal with MET-Rx, what was it about their products that made you want to work with them?

JB: “Yeah, they’re my first partnership, and I feel like they liked how I played and the hard work that I stand for, and I like what they stand for, too. They understand what it takes for elite athletes like me to dominate out on the field. They say ‘Love the Monster,” which is how I feel when I’m out on the field or in the weight room. They’ve really helped my routine these past couple of months while I’ve been training, using different supplements to maximize my performance.”

BB: You’re being compared to a guy like JJ Watt, do you feel that’s added pressure or motivation to prove you can be as good or even better?

JB: “Like you said, it’s just more motivation than anything. Just to be mentioned in the same sentence as someone like him, one of the best defensive players right now, that’s something cool. I just hope that I can make at least half of the impact he did when I come into the league, and one day I hope I can work my way up to be considered the best at what I do, so, hopefully, I can pass that level.”

BB: Do you think playing for a big-time program like Ohio State and a polarizing coach like Urban Meyer has prepped you for the NFL?

JB: “Oh, yeah, definitely. Coach Meyer isn’t going to recruit you if he doesn’t think you have the ability to play at the next level, so I think everybody who comes to Ohio State has that goal of playing in the NFL. He has a great staff of guys to help prepare players to make that transition and put the work ethic in in both football and everyday life.”

BB: You’re famous for your shrug sack dance, anything new in the works now that you’re heading to the NFL?

JB: “Nah, I think I’m going to have to stick with it, man. It’s a pretty quick and easy celebration and I won’t get flagged on it, so I think it’s a good one to stay with.”

BB: Be honest, are you going to miss being the BMOC in college now that you’re going to be “just” a rookie?

JB: (laughs) “Yeah, you know, it’s going to be kind of weird after working my way up the totem pole to become the leader the past three years. But, I feel like, I’ll be given an opportunity to be picked high and come in and still be a leader for the other young guys and work my way back to the top.”

BB: Any type of rookie initiation you’re expecting from the veteran guys?

JB: (shrugs) “Yeah, I’m assuming I’ll have to get up in front of the team and sing or something like that, which I’m not looking forward to. Hopefully, it’s something we can do in groups so that’s it’s not just all me, but it’s different in every place, so I’m pretty sure I’ll have to get up there and do something for the older guys.”

BB: As you walk up to meet Roger Goodell after being drafted, do you shake his hand, hug him, or do something more memorable?

JB: (laughs) “Tackle him! No, I’m just joking. I think it’ll have to be a spur of the moment kind of thing, but we’ll see, I’ll probably just end up giving him a big hug.”

BB: OK, Joey, how about some rapid fire? First thing that comes to mind, blurt it out, cool?

JB: Yep, got it.

BB: First thing you’ll buy after signing your NFL deal?

JB: “That’s a good question…probably a nice, big meal.”

BB: Which quarterback are you most looking forward to sacking?

JB: “(Tom) Brady.”

BB: Who wins in a wrestling match, you or your brother Nick (an incoming freshman for Ohio State this fall)?

JB: “Man, that’s tough. I’d like to think me still, but he’s pretty close now. He’s a monster. I have to go with myself, though.”

BB: Pregame ritual that you can’t live without?

JB: “It used to be working on my pass-rush moves with my former Ohio State D-line coach, so I guess I’ll just have to stick with that with whomever my new coach is.”

BB: Hall of Fame and one title, or no Hall of Fame and multiple titles?

JB:”I think I’m okay with saying one title, because I’m still getting one title, right? If it were zero titles and the Hall of Fame, I’d have to go with the titles, but a title and the Hall of Fame would be good with me.”

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