WELP Joey Galloway’s Joke About Women Drivers Went Over Like A Lead Balloon In The ESPN Studios #NoFilter


Context: Today on College Football Live, Trevor Matich and Joey Galloway were discussing LSU star running back Leonard Fournette preserving his health for the NFL draft. Joey took the liberty of going in a different direction.

What makes this blog difficult to write about is that I’m a white, middle-class, able-bodied male with two happily married parents. The only systemic oppression society lets me bitch about is Chipotle raising the prices of carnitas. My outrage stems from society not granting me enough outrage. I should start a hashtag #EqualOutrage. That would be a good way to get eviscerated on social media.

But alas, I will have to air of the side of caution and call Joey Galloway’s attempt at humor “insensitive” because I guess it was? Of course stereotypes are unhealthy but if I were a woman (and again, I’M NOT), I’d guess being pigeonholed as a bad driver would be very far down on the list of stereotypes to stomp out. I’d probably be more concerned with the 78 cents to the dollar thing and getting harassed daily by thirsty scumbags walking down the street. Being a horrible driver is what a bridesmaid may say in her maid of honor speech. Like it’s making fun of her, but like, in an endearing way.

If we’re talking about the joke itself, it was quick, well-delivered, confident. All the ingredients to make a funny. BUT WE’RE NOT. We’re focusing on how this was FUCKED UP. Can’t be doing that, Joey.

Regardless, somewhere, someplace, Lena Dunham is stabbing a football in retaliation.

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