American Wrestler In Japan Has The Most Bizarre Finishing Move I’ve Ever Seen (Possibly NSFW)

This morning I read a report that WWE ratings are down 50% from their peak in 2015 and the sport is floundering. Not too long after I read that report I came across this video of the most bizarre finisher I’ve ever seen and my faith in the sport of wrestling staying alive was restored. Sure, this is DDT Pro Wrestling in Japan and not the WWE, but it’s reassuring to know that the ‘ZOMG WTF?!’ nature that built pro wrestling into the sport it is today is still alive and well, even if it’s halfway across the world.

I’m not sure what American wrestler Joey Ryan would call this, perhaps it’s the ‘Dick Magnet’. However, one thing comes to mind when I watch this video (given than it takes place in Japan) and it’s that scene from South Park’s ‘Chinpokomon’ episode…So if I was Joey Ryan I’d call this move the ‘Chinpokomon’.

God bless California-born Joey Ryan for keeping the American stereotype of having a huge penis alive and well.