Maple Leafs’ Joffrey Lupul Unhappy With TSN Letting A Tweet Suggesting He Banged Elisha Cuthbert Appear On Screen

Today is the NHL trade deadline and our neighbors to the north have pulled out all the stops. TSN, for instance, included tweets from fans speculating about where certain players would end up.

A good idea in theory. In reality, however, it’s a feature dependent on a savvy gatekeeper.

That gatekeeper was apparently asleep at the wheel earlier, as this doozy made air.

Joffrey Lupul, as you would expect, wasn’t exactly thrilled by the suggestion he had sex with Dion Phaneuf’s wife, 24 actress Elisha Cuthbert.

Understandable, I guess.

We all saw the type of hot water that got Luke Wilson into in Old School. Probably best to avoid a similar sticky situation, especially if it’s just a baseless rumor.