This Drill Sergeant’s Impassioned Rant Where He Calls Fat People ‘Repulsive’ Is Going Viral

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Drill sergeant and self-proclaimed “fitness motivator” John Burk is a real “tear ’em down before you build ’em back up” kind of guy. Or at least that seems to be his go-to strategy in this video where he kinda/sorta shits on fat people because they’re fat…and lazy…and repulsive to look at.

Normally, I’d try to find a duplicate video to post since these sorts of things tend to get taken down, but I’m giving Burk the benefit of the doubt here. I am betting that his distaste for looking at fat bodies trumps his desire to not become a social pariah. I don’t think he’ll take the original down. I think he has the requisite nuts in his sack to leave it up.

So here it is.

Why did Burk make this video and why was it so goddamn mean? My first guess: Get clients, make $$$. My second guess: He hates da fatties.

But according to what Burk told BuzzFeed, maybe those guesses are inaccurate.

“The soft and tender-hearted approach works for some,” he said, “but after having trained soldiers for over 12 years now, I know what works best: blunt, in-your-face truth that slaps you so hard that it forces you to step back and start self-analyzing to see if there’s any validity in what you’ve just been told.”

Also, for those thinking he is motivated by hatred, Burk claims he’s not.

“They can’t see why I do it. I don’t do it out of hatred, I do it out of love, because there is a better life out there, and for some, it just takes a good hard verbal kick in the ass to get moving. That’s where I come in. I’m that asshole.”

Indeed you are.

[Via BuzzFeed]


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