John Cena Battled Michael Strahan In Epic Rap-Off And It Was Glorious

Other than catching a glimpse of the incredibly sexy Kelly Ripa—who looks fucking hell of hot with that blue hair she has got going on, these days—there’s not much reason for me to ever tune-in to the morning show LIVE with Kelly and Michael.

Every so often, though, there’s something that catches my attention, which happened this morning when former WWE champ and actor John Cena made an appearance on the show.

Known for battling wrestlers in the ring with rap battles over his WWE career, Cena proved that he can still rhyme like an all-timer, taking on two-time Super Bowl champion Michael Strahan in what can only be described as an incredible rap battle.

With Strahan up first, the former defensive end proves that he’s pretty handy with the words, free-flowing and even dropping the mic before Cena even gets a chance at redemption.

Once Cena steps up, he displays some solid skills, too, going at a snail’s pace to make sure his words rhyme, and taking shots at Strahan.

Sure, the two behemoth’s did a solid job, but how about Ripa stepping up and showing her street swag, dropping the line, “I don’t know what just happened, but in Michael’s pants, he be crappin’.

Bow down to Queen Ripa, dudes.