John Cena Tells A Story About His Mom That Delivers Next-Level Feels Like A Five Knuckle Shuffle To The Heart

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Wrestlers love their mommas. This past Mother’s Day, The Rock posted an Instagram photo and caption dedicated to his mom that made the entire world go “awwww” in unison. Not only is the guy the most inspirational person walking the soil, he’s almost a damn saint.

Not to be outdone, current WWE United States Heavyweight Champion John Cena dedicated a video to his mom during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

WWE star John Cena shows off his comedic side this summer, acting alongside funny lady Amy Schumer in the blockbuster Trainwreck. But it’s not his time in front of the camera or in the ring that the wrestler shared for EW’s Greatest Story Ever Told video series. Instead, Cena told a tale that was much more personal, which had him fighting back tears and offering up a special “I love you” message to his mother, Carol.

Here’s John’s special video tribute. Get your Cena towels ready, it’s about to get sappy up in this joint.

At first, I thought Cena was stealing Mark Wahlberg’s life story but then I remembered every family in Boston has a hundred asshole kids running around.

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