This Unlicensed WWE-Themed Taco Joint Looks Amazing And It Will Be Missed When The WWE Finds Out

There was a small chain of pizza places near my house called Tony Soprano’s Pizza. This was around 2006, during the height of the show’s popularity, and they were obviously unlicensed. I’m positive David Chase didn’t own pizza joints as a back-up plan to a million dollar TV franchise eventually going off the air. “When I’m done changing the way people watch TV I think I’m going to open some Jersey slice joints.”

Within a year, every Tony Soprano’s was gone, either because of lawsuits or their horrendous pizza.

I just hope I can get to this WWE-theme taco joint before Vince and Co. find out and smackdown the entire operation.

At first glance it looks like the soft open for the proposed WWE Hall of Fame restaurant.

Well, Umaga is dead so this guy can say the place is dedicated to his memory. The Undertaker pretends to be dead (or did) and really who cares about The Great Khali. Yeah, I’ve got nothing, this guy is screwed.

Maybe he can turn the place into Making A Murderous Taco.

[via With Spandex]