John Cena Possibly Unveiled His New US Championship Belt And It’s…Something Else

by 5 years ago
John Cena New Belt


The Champ Is HERE! He’s the guy over there wearing the ugly ass belt.

John Cena teased earlier in the week that he might be bringing back the “spinner” belt for his recent WWE United States Championship reign and this photo on his Instagram account is either a troll job for the Cenation or the unveiling of one of the worst belts in wrestling history.

John Cena New US Belt

Instagram / John Cena

Word Life.

Now that’s probably not the real belt and only a prototype. The real belt is probably much bigger, more offensive to the eyes and comes with a clasp that will keep it around Cena’s waist for way, way too long.

Rusev convinced me, I’m moving to Russia.

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