John Daly Goes Viral For Kicking A Barefoot Field Goal While Using His Shoe As A Tee

John Daly

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John Daly is one of the most entertaining figures the golf world has ever seen, and while he did pretty well for himself on the links in his prime, you have to wonder if he could’ve pursued another passion based on a recent video where he booted a field goal while barefoot.

I thought I was pretty familiar with the colorful golfer who took the PGA Tour by storm in the early 1990s, but I had no clue he was actually a pretty accomplished football player in high school until I encountered a resurfaced video where he absolutely drilled a lengthy field goal while attending a Denver Broncos practice back in the day.

Daly currently plays on the PGA Champions Tour, and the 57-year-old has taken advantage of the rule that allows senior golfers on that circuit to use a cart due to arthritis in his right knee (the fan favorite has also been granted an exemption to harness one while competing in the PGA Championship).

The junk food aficionado and diehard Hooters fan would be the first person to admit he’s never really been a physical specimen, and based on the joint issues he’s found himself grappling with in his later years, I can’t say I expected him to still be able to hold his own on the football field.

However, it turns out I was sorely mistaken.

Daly recently headed down to St. Louis to participate in the Ascension Charity Classic at Norwood Hills Country Club, and on Wednesday, he proved he’s still got a pretty solid leg after he was filmed successfully kicking a field goal in bare feet while using his own shoe as a tee.

Sure, that kick may have been a bit of a chip shot, but it’s hard not to be pretty impressed.

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