Unearthed Clip Of John Daly Drilling 50-Yard-Field Goal Goes Viral

John Daly

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John Daly took the world of golf by storm in the early 1990s thanks in no small part to his ability to hit some absolute bombs with his driver, and based on an old clip of him nailing a lengthy field goal, the power he generated in his prime wasn’t limited to the tee box.

You probably won’t be shocked to learn Daly won a state championship as a member of the golf team at Helias High School in Jefferson City, Missouri, but he also played varsity football and (by all accounts) was a very talented kicker and punter.

While he obviously decided to pursue golf after graduating, it doesn’t seem like he really lost a step when it came to his kicking game.

In 2022, Jim Nantz recalled attending a preseason game where the Colts invited Daly to be their guest of honor a day before he was slated to play the final round of the 1991 PGA Championship (which he won by three strokes).

The legendary broadcaster  was (somewhat understandably) worried Daly would suffer a setback after he agreed to kick a 40-yard field goal between quarters, but as he recalled, he “knocked it through and we headed to Sunday to cover one of the great Cinderella Stories sports has ever known.”

While it doesn’t appear any video of that particular kick exists, we can now confirm that Daly can indeed hold his own as a kicker courtesy of an unearthed clip the PGA Champions Tour shared on Thursday where the golfer (who was rocking a sweater and white slacks) had no problem converting what they asserted was a 50-yard field goal while attending a Denver Broncos practice.

I don’t think we needed any more proof this is John Daly’s world and the rest of us are just living in it, but we certainly just got some.

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