John Daly Still A Total Bro, Signals For A Cold One After Finishing His Round With An Eagle

john daly signals drink champions tour

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John Daly, the man who someone (probably more than one) bet wouldn’t live to see 50-years-old, did somehow actually survive to that age which makes him now eligible for the Champions Tour.

This weekend Daly made his debut on that tour at the Regions Tradition and despite shooting a 74 to finish in 15th he did manage to knock home an eagle on the final hole. Naturally, it was on a par five where Long John is going to be killing it on this tour.

So how did Daly celebrate his big eagle? By channeling a little bit of Stone Cold Steve Austin and signaling for a cold one as he walked off the green.

Looks like the Champions Tour just got a whole lot more watchable.

H/T Larry Brown Sports