A Pro Golfer Bet John Daly A Ton Of Money That He Wouldn’t Live To See 50 Years Old, Joke’s On That Guy


Let’s all just go ahead and crack a beer, stand up, and chug that cold one for legendary bad boy golfer John Daly, because the guy’s 50th birthday is today. One of the most iconic partyboys in the history of sports, Daly has lived a bro’s life up until now—with some classic stories coming out of his long days and nights.

And it’s that hard partying that actually made fellow golfer Fuzzy Zoeller once make a $150,000 bet with Daly that he would never see a second of his 50th birthday, which Daly told the story of last year after his lung collapsed.

Per USA Today:

“I think it was Tuesday morning and we played nine holes and went to T-Bonz (restaurant) and had some lunch,’’ he recalled. “Next thing I know, we were in the same clothes playing Wednesday at 7:30 in the morning and the par-3 tournament. We stayed through the whole nine (holes), drinking, having a good time and eating.

“Fuzzy said, ‘I got 150 grand you’re never going to make it to 50.’”

But after recalling the story, Daly said he and Zoeller never shook on the bet.

“So I won’t hold him up to it,’’ Daly said. “I’ll just have him give me a free bottle of his vodka. That’s about it.”

Daly’s a raging gambler who, according to my parents who saw him throw down at a casino in Mississippi 20 years ago, was tossing around stacks of thousands on games of Black Jack and Craps, so it’s surprising he won’t take the cash from Zoeller’s bank account and laugh all the way to the bar.

Here’s to John Daly for making it to the golden anniversary of his birth—now let’s enjoy some classic Daly moments and slam one back for him!

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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