John Daly Revealed How Much Money He Has Lost Gambling And It Will TRULY Boggle Your Mind

Professional golfer John Daly, Bro King extraordinaire, has made no bones about the fact that he likes to throw down a bet or two…or a hundred.

Back in 2006, in his autobiography, he admitted as much, saying, “If I don’t get control of my gambling, it’s going to flat-out ruin me.”

Now I don’t know how much money John Daly has made in his life, but based on the numbers he tossed around in his ESPN 30 for 30 special either dude has earned WAY more money than I realized or he is pretty damn close to actually being “flat-out ruined.”

That’s because, according to him, “We figured I lost about $98 million and won about $45 million gambling. So, yeah, I lost around $50 million.”

Reports the Washington Post

Daly, in fact, may have saved himself from ruin by wisely itemizing his gambling losses on his tax returns because, Forbes wrote in 2014 because, “while gambling winnings are fully taxable, you can also claim your losses.”

He also likely saved himself from demise by cutting back on his risky ways. Well, kind of.

After Daly first revealed in 2014 that he had lost an estimated $55 million between the years of 1991 and 2007, he told Golf Channel he’s no longer playing for such high stakes.

Daly said he used to regularly take up entire blackjack tables, where he’d play seven hands at a time for up to $15,000 each. Daly also said one of his biggest temptations were the high-stake slots, some of which used to cost him $5,000 per pull.

“I love the action. I love the adrenaline, going in there,” Daly said. “Now if I gamble, I play the $25 slots. If I hit something, I might move up to $100. But I don’t do what I used to do anymore.”

The golfer added: “People are going to say that I should regret it, but I did it,” he said. “You know, I move on from it. I had a lot of fun doing it.”

And that, right there folks, is why John Daly is, and forever will be, a Bro King.

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