Grab A Pack Of Cigarettes And A Tall Boy Because John Daly’s 30 For 30 ‘Hit It Hard’ Looks Like It’s Going To Be LIT

John Daly’s 30 for 30 titled ‘Hit It Hard’ premiers on November 1 and there is no conceivable way it doesn’t meet its lofty expectations. Throw Long John in front of a camera after lubing him up with a few tall boys and the film will just make itself. It has all the ingredients to be the very best 30 for 30 yet (right now, Marcus Dupree’s ‘The Best That Never Was’ still holds the top spot in my heart).

The film will likely cover Daly overcoming 66-1 odds by winning the 1995 Open, Daly becoming the first PGA Tour pro in history to average more than 300 yards in driving distance over the course of a season–thus receiving the nickname ‘Long John,’ Daly’s addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, food and gambling, his FOUR wives, his numerous suspensions from the Tour, his mullet, etc.

I’d encourage everyone to pick up a couple 40 oz and a pack of cigarettes come November 1 because this bitch is going to be a wild ride.

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