Jim Harbaugh’s Booger-Eating Nightmare Continues After His Brother John Weighed In On The Incident

Tension over Boogergate 2016 has reached a fever pitch after Jim Harbaugh‘s brother, Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh, addressed Jim’s booger-eating on national TV last Saturday during the Michigan Wolverines game against UCF.

Jim Harbooger has gone on the offensive ever since cameras captured him picking his boogers and eating them on national TV, but instead of doing the honorable thing and admitting to being a terribly disgusting human being that eats boogers Jim Harbaugh has instead doubled down and yesterday went on the radio to claim that he’s never eaten a booger in his entire life:

This story now seems like it’s far from a conclusion after Jim’s brother John addressed his brother’s nasty ass booger eating during a conference call with the Cleveland media ahead of the Baltimore Ravens’ Sunday matchup against the Cleveland Browns.

via Cleveland.com:

“Can I say something for the record, since this is Cleveland?” John asked during his conference call with Cleveland media ahead of Sunday’s game against the Browns. “My brother has never eaten a booger.”

While John admitted that there was contact between his brother’s finger and nose, “nothing came out.”

And in case you were wondering, John said he has never eaten a booger, either.

I can’t help but respect John Harbaugh’s ‘Bros Before Boogers’ mentality, and his defense of brother Jim Harbooger. With that said, I think it’s completely fucking ridiculous that this entire family continues to deny Jim’s booger eating in the face of indisputable evidence:

Watch that video ten thousand times and during all ten thousand of those views you will see Jim Harbaugh picking his nose and eating his boogers like a sick and twisted individual. There’s no wiggle room here, there’s no if’s, and’s, or but’s….Jim Harbaugh eats his boogers and he lies about it.

If the Harbaugh’s want Booger-gate or Booger-ghazi to end they need to just shut their damn mouths about it. They’ve already given opposing team’s fans enough fodder to work with on ESPN’s GameDay to have booger-centric signs for the next decade. They NEED to just stop discussing this because each time they look like a bunch of booger-eating liars.

…Shout out to USA Today’s ‘For The Win’ for tracking down John Harbaugh’s comments about his brother Jim!…