49-Year-Old Johnny Damon Made His Debut For The Savannah Bananas And It Was Spectacular

Johnny Damon poses for a photo.

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Johnny Damon made his second professional baseball debut this week, and he’s still as entertaining as ever. The former MLB outfielder took the field as a Savannah Banana on Wednesday.

At 49 years old, there’s definitely a little less in the tank. Still, he was able to get the crowd fired up in his first at-bat.

Damon played in the majors for 18 seasons, spending time in Kansas City, Oakland, Boston, New York, Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Cleveland. Some of his most notable performances came in the playoffs as he was known for coming through in the clutch.

Any time I hear his name, I immediately think back to that monstrous grand slam in the ALCS that helped the Red Sox overcome a 3-0 series deficit against the Yankees. It was one of two homers he’d hit in that crucial postseason matchup.

Of course, he was also a part of some forgettable moments, most notably being cut off by teammate Manny Ramirez on a throw from the outfield. That unfortunate series of events led to a two-run inside-the-park home run.

But whether the moment was good or bad, he always kept it fun for fans.

His laid-back persona made him a fan favorite at every stop, and that trend appeared to continue with his latest team.

In a Savannah Bananas exhibition, Johnny Damon walked out to the plate amid a roar of applause. He then gave viewers a laugh in his first at-bat.

Damon whiffed miserably on his first swing, then softly grounded out to the (left-handed??) third baseman. The at-bat got quite a reaction from viewers online.

One fan said, “My favorite player growing up! Johnny still out there balling.”

Another wrote, “This is awesome! Johnny Damon was the man back in the day.”

While he wasn’t successful in his debut, it was still an awesome moment for everyone involved.