JOHNNY’S BACK! — Johnny Manziel Went Back To Texas A&M This Weekend And Chicks LOVED Him



Despite all those Snickers commercials, it feels like forever since Johnny Manziel has been himself. In this context, “himself” has nothing to do with football — it’s about unleashing the inner-party animal that made him a legend in college. You know — the Manziel who partied with hot FSU chicks and crashed a Texas fraternity party wearing a Tebow jersey.

It’s been a weird road for Johnny since joining the NFL. The Vegas trips aren’t as frequent. There was a the fight he got in when an overzealous Browns fan allegedly tried to hug him in his apartment building. There was a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. There was the two-month stint in drug and alcohol rehab at the beginning of this year.

But now Manziel appears to be back to having fun again. After the Browns lost on Thursday night to Cincinnati, Johnny headed down to College Station to watch the Aggies lose to Auburn.

He did what all postgraduate Bros do upon returning to their alma mater to relive their glory years — party his face off (that’s a Stella in his hand, right?), hang out with random A&M alumni girls who loved his every move, and generally act like a big swinging dick around campus. And of course, pics were captured on social media.

Here’s a recap of Johnny’s A&M shenanigans, as originally reported by Busted Coverage:







I’m sure some football snobs will get on a high horse about Manziel leaving Cleveland for the weekend and focusing on anything other than football. But I don’t think this is a big deal at all — It’s not like he was raging drunk or spotted in public with Justin Bieber and Drake getting twerked on by porn stars. He was just letting his hair down for a fun weekend at a place he considers home. Everyone deserves a vacation. No harm, no foul.

Love the move with the chain. That’s classic a Johnny Football 1.0 move.

It’s great to have you back, bro.

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