Sports Agent Erik Burkhardt Shares Wild Behind-The-Scenes Story Of Johnny Manziel’s Pre-Draft Browns Workout

Johnny Manziel former NFL and Texas AM quarterback

Getty Image / Kevin C. Cox

The new Netflix documentary Untold: Johnny Football premiered on Tuesday, August 8th. Sports agent Erik Burkhardt shared a behind-the-scenes story of Johnny Manziel‘s pre-NFL Draft workout with the Cleveland Browns as chatter about the doc picked up online.

The biggest piece of news to come out of Untold: Johnny Football was Johnny Manziel revealing failed plans to spend all of his money then take his own life. Then on Tuesday after the doc was released, a clip began circulating revealing that Manziel didn’t watch a second of game tape on his iPad. Not one single second.

Roc Nation sports agent who currently represents Kyler Murray, Saquon Barkley, and who formerly represented Johnny Manziel chimed in with a fantastic behind-the-scenes story. Burkhardt shared the story of Johnny Football’s pre-NFL Draft with the Cleveland Browns, how Burkhardt himself had to run routes, how Manziel (a Nike athlete) lost his gear and had to wear adidas, and more.

Sending the agent out to run routes for a 1st Rounder his a hilarious move:

Note that it wasn’t the airline who lost Johnny Manziel’s bag. The tweet says Johnny himself somehow lost it:

How was there nobody at Nike on call 24/7/365 for emergencies like this?

Incredibly, inexplicably even, the Cleveland Browns saw all of this and still made the decision to draft Johnny 22nd overall in 2014:

The Cleveland Brown liked what they saw and the rest was history, right?

Johnny Manziel is now opening a Nightclub/Bar in College Station that’s certain to be a hit based on the name.