Johnny Manziel’s New Diamond Grill Will Make You Hate Him Just A Little Bit More

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Look, with a scathing passion, I ABSOLUTELY dislike Johnny Manziel. As a Cleveland Browns fan who watched JFF blow his NFL career away by doing dumb shit week after week—an opportunity that any smart person would have seized rather than wasted—I think it’s only fair that I take shots at the dude.

And Manziel’s custom, diamond grill is just another reason for me to hate on him.


TMZ Sports

Seen leaving yet another Hollywood bar, Manziel was spotted by TMZ with the shiny, 18k gold piece in his mouth, which is expected to be anywhere near the $20,000 range, according to celebrity grill designer Johnny Dang.

Manziel will never don a diamond Super Bowl ring, so this might be the next best thing in his mind. Keep ballin’ till all the cash runs out, Johnny!

[H/T TMZ Sports]