Johnny Manziel Allegedly Dumped An Entire Drink On Someone At Coachella

by 4 years ago

johnny manziel

The Johnny Manziel runaway train continues, and conductor Johnny is shitfaced behind the wheel. The chances Manziel rediscovers that football magic that once made his Browns No. 2 jersey the highest-selling jersey in the league (and in Browns history) have shifted from improbable to impossible.

The troubled QB’s consistent antics have caused him to get dropped by two agents in two months, most recently by super agent Drew Rosenhaus, who in his 27 years as an NFL agent has NEVER dropped a client. Nike also dropped him. Manziel seems generally unaffected by the fact that potential employers are avoiding him like the dude with a cold sore in a blunt circle–evident in the reports of him getting wasted and chain smoking at Coachella and looking like he hasn’t seen the inside of a weight room in 2016.

And just when we thought that the most egregious thing he was capable of doing was wearing this fuckboy neck hanky, Manziel continues to amaze.

johnny manziel


The negative reports keep flooding in, this time by a reporter at PopSugar who allegedly saw him act like a complete amateur at Coachella.

As someone who desperately wants Johnny to get back on track and salvage his young NFL career, he’s making it pretty fucking hard to be in his corner. Partying and drunken debauchery is only trivial when you’re putting in the work to reach your potential. Ying and yang. Take a page out of Gronk’s book.



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