Johnny Manziel Declares ‘I’ll Be Back’ With The Douchiest Instagram Video You’ll Ever See

I honestly hate myself for even posting this right now, guys, because former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel—key word: former—is, for whatever reason, still relevant news these days, even though he has no reason to be.

Nevertheless, Johnny’s still trying to stay in front of everyone’s minds, as he’s been posting like whoa onto his Instagram account over the past hours, with the grand finale coming in the form of this video showing JFF, presumably, working out and leaving a little message for the haters.

Manziel seems to be claiming that he’s misunderstood from everyone and that he works hard and wants to get back to becoming a million-dollar making pro athlete. Sorry, bro, but I’m pretty sure that ship has sailed and sunk like the fucking Titanic.

In related news, the former first-rounder started an Instagram account for his dogs, because, you know, he has time to do shit like that now. Ah, yes, to be 23 years old, unemployed and have nothing but time and money to waste.

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