The Fake Johnny Manziel Lawsuit Has Been Dismissed

The bizarre $25 million lawsuit filed against Johnny Manziel in a Florida court last month has been dismissed. The judge called it “immaterial, impertinent and scandalous.”

That means the Cleveland Browns quarterback won’t have to further explain a laundry list of things that obviously didn’t happen and CNN contributor Samantha Schacher doesn’t have to have her name attached to pending litigation she has nothing to do with. See! Sometimes this wonderfully defunct country of ours gets it right.

We’ll never forget where we were when this Mickey Mouse piece of fiction was filed. The image of Manziel’s manhood laid upon a hot dog bun does is not easily erased. Nor is the prospect of Johnny Football and Jadeveon Clowney sharing dick pictures on the ‘reg.

So … thanks for the memories, Obviously Fake Johnny Manziel Lawsuit. You brought a lot of joy into our otherwise dull lives.

[H/T: Cleveland Plain Dealer]