Johnny Manziel Takes A Shot At The Cleveland Browns After A Fan Calls Him Out On Instagram

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The Cleveland Browns are the worst franchise in professional sports. That’s far from a hot take. Not only are the Browns fresh off a season in which they became just the second team to finish a season 0-16, but they are currently in the midst of the longest active playoff rough in the NFL, at 15 years and counting.

Losing has become so commonplace for the franchise that it almost seems out of their control at this point. But what is in their control is their shamefully atrocious uniforms, which could very well be the ugliest in professional sports.

Johnny Manziel, one of the 28 quarterbacks whose careers the Browns have killed since 1999, still holds ill will towards the only NFL team he’ll ever know.

Manziel posted a photo of himself in his Texas A&M uniform on Instagram and one of his followers called him out for only posting pictures of himself in college. His response made me chuckle.



Johnny won’t be able to take shots at his team’s attire much longer. Come 2020, the Browns are ditching the 9 uniform combinations introduced in 2015 and will opt for a more simplified or “classic” look. The Browns were so over their hideous combinations that last year the team chose to wear just two combinations–white on white and brown on white, no orange. Per NFL mandate, teams can only change up their uniforms after 5 years.

One fan has offered a potential upgrade:

Not as awful.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]


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