Um, A Chicago Hotel’s Serving Up Leather-Infused Vodka Cocktails From Jon Lester’s Glove

Its been 71 years since the Chicago Cubs have reached the World Series and 108 total since they could last call themselves world champions, and after a remarkable run to last season’s NLCS, Cubbies fans have high expectations that this year could FINALLY be the end of that shitty streak of bad luck.

Fans will also have a new way to drown their sorrows if things don’t happen to work out as they hope—and it comes in the form of a leather-infused vodka cocktail that actually has pitcher Jon Lester’s glove soaking in it.

Served up at the Virgin Hotel in Chicago for $11, the cocktail doesn’t have a catchy name, but it does have a good cause, with $1 from each drink going towards Jon Lester’s charity, Never Quit, which helps raise awareness and funds for children’s cancer research.

The drink was created by Jon Harris, Virgin Hotels’ “Spirit Guide,” and features the leather-infused vodka, roasted salted peanuts, vermouth, and horny goat weed, while a splash of Old Style beer gives it that real Chicago feel.

I’m always up to try something different, so I’d give this thing a go. Plus, who knows, maybe it’s EXACTLY the wild recipe the Cubs need to break their World Series drought—or just another curse that hasn’t been unveiled yet.

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