Danish Soccer Player Quits Team After Finding Out A Teammate’s Hooking Up With His Wife

Remember that whole situation between Tony Parker and Brent Barry, where, according to reports, Parker not only had a “sexting” relationship with Barry’s wife, Erin, but he also ruined his then marriage with actress Eva Longoria? Yeah, looks like we’ve got another one of those situations on our hands—except worse.

This one comes from the Danish Superliga team, Randers FC, as midfielder Jonas Borring discovered that the captain of the squad, Christian Keller, was dating Borring’s wife—who was still living in the same house as him!

Here are the interesting details, via WorldSoccer.com:

“Kira decided in late 2015 that she would not be with me anymore and we are separating,” Borring told Ekstra Bladet, “We live, however, still under the same roof and have two children to take into account here. We are basically still husband and wife.

“That she chooses to do this impacts us greatly. And it makes the situation untenable at Randers FC between Keller and me.

“Keller has broken rule number one in the dressing room. He has completely stabbed me in the back.”

Yeah, dude, I’d say Keller sure as fuck broke rule number one! There are unwritten rules in sports, and then there’s the holy trinity of rules in sports, which includes never even swapping numbers with a teammate’s wife, let alone… well, you know.

The team has allowed Borring to go on indefinite compassionate leave, as manager Ole Nielsen said, “We have great sympathy for his situation, and that he now needs some peace and quiet. We hope, therefore, that people will respect in the near future.”

This is not the type of give-and-go scenario Borring had in mind with his teammate, so good for him to refuse to play with Christian Keller ever again.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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