Here’s New Patriots Hero Jonas Gray Doing Standup Comedy Back In His Notre Dame Days


Jonas Gray was the unlikely star of last night’s New England Patriots victory, running for four touchdowns. No one saw that coming — even Gray himself.

The star performance had writers scrambling for an angle to introduce the former Notre Dame back to the masses. And the winner in that derby was Charles Robinson, who alerted everyone to the existence of this video.

It shows Gray opening up for Dustin Diamond at a South Bend, Ind., bar back in 2011.

Hang in there. His material is better than the filmography.

A newspaper article covering the event suggests Gray straight-up stole Screech’s thunder.

Before the show, Danson helped Gray polish his material and gave him some last-minute pointers about performing. Gray said Danson advised him “to just have fun with it.”

When Danson introduced Gray, many stood and cheered as he ran out and high-fived friends and fans in the front row. Gray kept the audience roaring with laughter for the next 20 minutes as he talked about his experiences with online dating, Valentine’s Day and his pet peeves. Many of his jokes hit home with audience members. When Gray turned the attention on one man who was laughing uncontrollably in the corner, the man explained his laughter: “’cause you’re telling the truth!”

So, yeah, yet another jokester on the Patriots. It’s pretty amazing that such a collection of knuckleheads has come to exist under arguably the least personable coach in sports history.

[H/T: Yahoo]



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