Phillies Closer Jonathan Papelbon Mauls Teammate After Walk-Off Win

I may not know much, but I sure as shit know this—Philadelphia Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon is an absolute beast.

Known for his intensity on the mound by displaying his signature I-want-to-strike-you-out-or-fucking-knock-you-out glare towards home plate, Pap has enjoyed a ton of success during his 11 MLB seasons, including two World Series titles while with the Boston Red Sox.


Still, that doesn’t mean the guy can’t celebrate a victory in late-July like he would in late-October, which he did today while going fucking HAM on his teammate Odubel Herrera after Herrera’s walk-off hit beat the Tampa Bay Rays in extra innings.

Considering the Phils are terrible this year with a MLB-worst 34-63 record, I guess this really did feel like a rare victory for Papelbon. Hey-O, burned.

Then again, this is the same Papelbon who once performed the Riverdance in front of a packed Fenway Park following a win in the ALCS, so maybe it’s just in his personality to let his emotions get the best of him more than the common player.

A few things are for sure, though. One, Herrera will never want to hit a walk-off again so long as Papelbon is around and two, the batter’s lucky Pap didn’t go for the nuts to before exiting the field—as he has had a penchant for doing in the past.