Jordan Spieth, Michael Phelps, and Bryce Harper Hit The Links Together In Vegas

jordan spieth michael phelps bryce harper golf

Jordan Spieth, Michael Phelps, and Bryce Harper hit the links at MGM Grand’s Shadow Creek in Vegas this week. Phelps and Jordan were in Sin City for the launch of UA Golf’s Speith 2s, which they showcased at the Vegas Top Golf.


Of course, Bryce Harper couldn’t let them have all the fun in his hometown. So he let them know he was crashing the party:


Next, the boys hit the famous Shadow Creek Golf Course. The best line of the day comes from Jordan’s description of Phelp’s drive, “He swings just like he swims… nice and smooth.”

Anyway, check out some more pictures and videos from their day of knockin’ it around the course:


This is easily the most accomplished threesome to ever tee it up – three-time major championship winner (Jordan Spieth), 23-time Olympic gold medalist (Michael Phelps), and five-time MLB All-Star (Bryce Harper). What an absurdly impressive resume between these three dudes.